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HE & HEAT Rifle Grenades
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Here is a little bit about the German Gewehrgranatgerät, "rifle grenade equipment", developed for the K98k (Karabiner 98 kurz, "Short Carbine Model 98"), the main battle rifle of the German Wehrmacht (German Defence Force) during WWII.

This covers only the HE & HEAT types.

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GG/P40 Anti-Tank Rifle Grenade

The first rifle grenade design for the K98k.
Deveopled early in WWII
A spigot launched type.

"Cup Launcher"
30mm Caliber Rifled Discharger
"Rifle High-Explosive Grenade"
30mm HE Type - Different Variants
Gewehrpanzergranate 30
"Rifle Tank Genade Mod. 30"

Große Gewehrpanzergranate
"Large Rifle Tank Grenade"

Gewehrpanzergranate 46
"Rifle Tank Genade Mod. 46"

Gewehrpanzergranate 61
"Rifle Tank Genade Mod. 61"

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